TacTracer #15 – What Have I Been Up To?

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TacTracer #15 – What Have I Been Up To?

Hi all, this is a small milestone with my articles this week and I actually am writing this on the fly(yes, I say that).  You guys may be wondering what I’ve been up to since my last article.  Well, I will tell you what I’ve been doing.

With the holidays coming and going, I’ve been quite busy with my family, and games.  With the recent Steam sale, I bought a few games thanks to my grandfather giving me a giftcard to Steam.  I bought Ruiner, No Man’s Sky(don’t hate but I love it), FORCED: Showdown(if you remember from my last article, Betadwarf created it), and Dead Effect 2.  I’ve been having fun with each of these games equally and have been taking funny in game screen shots.  I’ve put way too many hours into No Man’s Sky already as I keep entertaining myself with new planets and creatures.  No clue how that is possible but it’s true and the haters can hate the game as much as they desire.  I have a video recorded of Dead Effect 2 that I will upload to our Jay-Cast channel later this week.

I have mentioned briefly also that I was growing a beard for NoShave November.  I’m deciding to keep it until after I see my uncle in January but, I don’t have any photos of that or I would share with you all.  If you are curious, I don’t groom it at all as I don’t have the desire for that but like growing it out.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is singing which is so fun as I’m getting better and learning to sing faster.  I’m finding it to relieve stress and to brighten myself up.

Sorry for keeping it short and enjoying the small read but I hope this brightens your evening as I’ve got many planets to explore.

List of games to record/beat

-No Man’s Sky

-FORCED: Showdown



-Hitman: Free Trial(can’t spend $60 on the GOTY edition or I would record that)

Dead Effect 2 already has a video for this coming week but the others have yet to be recorded.  If I can record them, I will when I get a chance and hope you enjoy them when they’re uploaded.

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