TacTracer #17 – Returning to STEM…AGAIN!

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TacTracer #17 – Returning to STEM…AGAIN!

A couple weeks ago, I had written a lengthy review of The Evil Within 2 but, it was accidentally removed  from our site when we had a server migration.  This time, I will rewrite it for you guys with more information, and some spoilers will be included.  The review will have some things be mentioned from the first game which I hope some of you guys played.  The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror game that has a mixture of stealth and combat mechanics.  Some areas are semi open world and you must rely on stealth or combat to traverse these areas.

In the sequel to 2014’s “The Evil Within”, you play as protagonist Sebastian Castellanos in search of your daughter Lily, who is the Core power of STEM.  Sebastian is an alcoholic ex-cop thanks to the incident at Beacon Mental Hospital in the first game.  He feels as though he was the reason he couldn’t save his daughter from a fire but actually it was a lie.  Juli Kidman, from the first game, returns and tells Sebastian that in order to save his daughter, he must return to STEM.  Juli works for a shadowy organization called Mobias which acts like the Illuminati due to the power they hold on the world.  Later in the story, Sebastian finds that his wife is actually alive when he thought he lost her along with the fact she’s working against Mobias to remove them from the world.

As I have stated above, the game has certain areas where they are semi open world meaning that these areas are not fully open but can be revisited through the story.  In each difficulty mode, resources are scarce the harder the difficulty you choose, which makes the game seem very tense as you have to either make a last stand or flee.  Sometimes fleeing can be helpful but not always as the enemies can run and catch you which is a challenge when you are low on ammunition.  Ammunition can be found in the areas or crafted at workbenches where you can also upgrade all the weapons except the flamethrower.  You can increase the amount of ammo and healing items you carry by finding pouches throughout.  Now, upgrades are focused in two different categories now compared to the universal upgrades in the first game.  Sebastian’s abilities and weapon upgrades are now separated by different resources which are green gel, red gel, weapon parts, and high-grade weapon parts.  Red gel and high-grade weapon parts are used to unlock skill paths that can’t be unlocked by your normal resources.  Stealth has been reworked and now feels more of an importance than in the last game which is a nice improvement when running low on ammo or health.  Even the enemy awareness has been reworked, making it more of a challenge on higher difficulties.

The soundtrack has to be one of the eeriest original soundtracks that is around and has a cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” as the last track in the song.  Certain songs from the game are repeated throughout as certain enemies have certain songs such as Stefano’s theme because he is in the first half of the game and his song feels as more of a warning once you hear it a few times.  The cover song at the end of the game to “Ordinary World” has been something fans of the game talked about since the announcement trailer.  Many fans were not sure who performed the song until the soundtrack released because it was a decent cover to the song.

Overall Score:
With the game being quite lengthy, survival horror being true to its nature, and the stealth elements having a bigger importance, I’d give the game a nine but with the certain songs being repeated, I will give the game an eight out of ten.

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