TacTracer #18 – Emulating Your Life And A Major Announcement

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TacTracer #18 – Emulating Your Life And A Major Announcement

Hello everyone, I have been missing again as my Sexy Dark Tardis went down for a couple weeks and needed repairs.  After I received my computer back, I remembered all the emulators that were installed on there.  Emulators are software programs that allow you to play games that are not on a PC and brings back nostalgia.  I will be only talking about the ones that I’ve used as I’ve not used all of them.

So, the first emulator I will talk about first is Project64.  Project64 is a free emulator that only plays Nintendo 64 games but is not that hard to use.  Once you install the software on your PC, you must have the WINRAR program to extract the ROM and must place it in a certain folder of your choosing, which is, in my opinion, the easiest emulator to use.  The reason why I’m talking about Project64 first is because Nintendo 64 was my very first gaming system I ever owned so I felt I should mention it first.  When you play a game on this emulator, you can tell the graphics are extremely dated and it feels very nostalgic to many who grew up on the console.

The next emulator I’ve used is PCSX2, a Playstation 2 emulator that has to be extremely complicated to use as the process can be irritating with all the coding you have to do by creating emulator’s own BIOS which is vital.  This process can be time consuming but is worth it in the end as those games are extremely easy to get once you have the BIOS set up.  It’s the same process just like Project64 and you must have WINRAR to extract the .ISO files once downloaded.  This was my third system I used to game on which I loved so much and I had many games that bring back quite a few memories as I type this out.

Dolphin is one of the most recognizable emulators right now because it emulates two gaming systems, the Nintendo Gamecube and the Nintendo Wii.  The Gamecube ROMs are easier than the Wii ISOs because with the Wii games, you must burn the disc to your hard drive and set up the remote and nun chuk.  Gamecube games are essentially the same as the Playstation 2 files but without using code to create a BIOS  folder.  The reason why I keep talking about my experiences with these systems is because I owned these systems sometime in my life like the Gamecube and Wii which my memories with these systems were awesome.

The last emulator I will discuss is for a handheld system, the PSP.  Playstation Portable or PSP, for short, has an emulator called PPSSPP which is a bit fun once you get the games.  The emulator uses ISO files but you will find it easy once you add a game to your library but can be sometimes confusing due to what exact file you need.  There are many settings in the emulator which is nice for some low end computers because not all computers could run some of the games.  Again, the PSP was and still is a legendary handheld system that brings back many memories for me.

Now the announcement!  Jay-Cast has now announced that there is going to be a new game created at Jay-Cast Studios(yes, studios, our new division where we develop games), which is called “Tano’s Fate” which you can see the teaser here.  I will post the premise in the next paragraph.

“An unknown arrival. A land disconnected from the world’s society. Four heroes destined to change the past to save the future, and it’s all thanks to the locked mind of one man. Jay-Cast Presents… Tano’s Fate. Embark on a new journey, surrounded by friendly civilians wanting to get away from it all. When four young adults induced with amnesia get stuck together on a distant island, it’ll take one unexpected group of people to discover the hidden secrets of Key Island. As Jay-Cast Studios’ first game, reveal secrets and battle across multiple kinds of monsters while you level up and acquire new gear that will unlock the past, and save everyone’s future. Featuring original dialogue and story from the creator of Jay-Cast, and running on the latest and greatest RPG Maker engine (MV), take advantage of a high-resolution HD experience, casting shadows with menu transitions, and large areas to explore with your newly-found friends. Understand the world around you, and realize what has always been your fate. Explore side-quests, go for some deep exploration, and dive into the ocean, whether it’s on your PC or on the go.”

Next week’s article is going to be a milestone as we reach the twentieth issue of “TacTracer” so be hyped for that and cheers loves.

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  1. I’ve been emulating a bit lately too.Mostly using the official sega genesis/megadrive emulator and on occasion either Dolphin or epsxe.

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