TacTracer #20 – Shadow Wisecracking Warrior 2

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TacTracer #20 – Shadow Wisecracking Warrior 2

Hello, fellow Jay Casters, it’s been awhile, I know.  “TacTracer, why are you always writing less?”  It might be because I get busy elsewhere with life, sorry everyone.  Anyway, this week is a massive milestone for the TacTracer article series as this is the twentieth issue.  Can’t believe it’s survived this long but, it’s all thanks to this awesome community for taking a bit from their day to read them, and thank you Jstar for letting me write these for you.  Now, I’ll be reviewing an interesting game, Shadow Warrior 2, the sequel to the successive Shadow Warrior reboot.  This may be a shorter review and as always, nothing is biased as these reviews are more informational.


Story: Minor spoilers
Shadow Warrior 2 starts a few years later after the events of the Shadow Warrior.  You still play as the wisecracking ninja, Lo Wang, and are hired by the Yakuza to find and rescue the Yakuza boss’s grand daughter.  Well, an orochi by the name of Zilla has now created chi as a technology and uses it to run his city.  The grand daughter turns out to be experimented on and a chi master puts her soul in Lo Wang’s body.  Old and new characters appear throughout the story, making it funny or just plain Lo, pun clearly intended.

The game is a first person shooter with roleplaying elements.  Weapons are categorized from swords to projectiles like gauss rifles and these weapons can be bought, looted from mini bosses, or as mission rewards.  Weapons can be upgraded from gems and also be infused with an item called orb of masamune.  These orbs are legendary items and become more frequent to get in new game plus.  The more infusions you put into a weapon, the more orbs you will need to collect, luckily, the harder game difficulties drop more.  Weapons get more powerful the farther you progress in the game and end game weapons usually stay in your weapon wheel as you infuse them.  Along with weapons, you get chi powers.  Chi powers are healing flame, which heals you, vanish that makes you invisible, grip of darkness that creates chi spikes to impale enemies, chi blast which is like a force blast, and spirit well which gives you a damage buff along with other buffs.  These powers can be upgraded with skill points when you level up after killing enemies.  You can also earn skill points from missions.  You can upgrade your health, chi amount, powers, elemental, sword special attacks, and resources.  When killing demons, Yakuza, or Zilla corps enemies, Lo Wang will wisecrack about the enemy or even himself.

The story is interesting but, if you do the side quests along with the main story missions, you can beat it in about twenty hours.  Weapons are a variety and some are nods to other first person games.  Powers are fun to combine in fights along with switching between weapons.  The game is fast, fun, but, can get boring hearing some of the same voice lines every few minutes from kills.  Did I mention that reload animation for some weapons are very fun and full of flair.

If I don’t have a new article out before Christmas, I wish you all a happy holidays.

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