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TacTracer #21 – A Grimm Eclipse

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TacTracer #21 – A Grimm Eclipse

Hello, everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season.  With what’s been going on for my holidays, I’ve not wrote a review as I’ve been playing games to write a review.  If you’re wondering what the title means, I hope you have heard of RWBY.  I’ll be talking about the game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, and not the series.  I’m a huge nerd when it comes to RWBY lore and the series itself and am pretty happy I was gifted the game a while ago.

The story of RWBY: GE follows Team RWBY(Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang) on a mission to figure out why the Grimm are different.  It is canon to the series but, not mentioned once in the series.  There is a new villain in the game that honestly left me curious as to why he was only in the game and not hinted in the series.  The voice acting is from the voice actors of the series itself which makes it feel authentic to the series.

RWBY: GE is a four player hack and slash/beat em up/shoot em up where you play as one of four members of Team RWBY or Team JNPR(Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren) but, you must have the Team JNPR DLC to play as those extra characters.  I always play as Ruby because she’s my favorite and her weapon’s a scythe/sniper rifle, yes, it transforms into both.  All character’s weapons can transform except Jaune’s as it’s a sword and shield.  Each character has skills that are separated into four categories special, team special, range, and general.  You can’t get all the skills as the maximum level cap is ten.  To me, that makes it a rewarding risk as you have to plan out what skills you prefer.  You level up by killing enemies, completing objectives, and finding collectibles.  There are four difficulties in the game and each one increases the amount of enemies in each area of the levels.  Grimm Eclipse is the hardest difficulty and has the most enemies on screen.  You could say it’s a…Grimm Eclipse with all those enemies on the screen.  “TacTracer, you are not like Yang Xiao Long from the series to make a pun like that.  Please continue talking about gameplay.”  Let’s just continue then.  There are multiple enemies to fight but, not much in variety.  If you ask me, it needed more variety in Grimm or the robots you fight later on.  There is an other online game mode called Horde where you fight waves and waves of enemies in a tower defense like fashion.  I have not tried this mode as satellite internet may not run online well.  The graphics are beautiful for a game that is indie developed and it makes each area feel like I’m watching the series.  I will say this, I enjoy the satisfactory moment of slicing Grimm with Crescent Rose and yelling “You stole my cookies!”

The music from the series is in the game but, only in instrumental format.  I’ve always enjoyed the music as it’s a rock and roll genre for the series.  Now, I always listen to “Caffeine” from the series when I play the game as it’s a very high octane song which always has me yell caffeine as I slice Grimm.  I always try to find little details in games such as the music to give a detailed review.

Now, my next article will be a War in the Shadow…whoops, gave a hint.  Anyway, I hope everyone has a memorable holiday season, cheers!

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