TacTracer #22 – Online Gaming With Satellite Internet

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TacTracer #22 – Online Gaming With Satellite Internet

Hello, it has been quite a while since my last post, but I have been busy on Discord with servers to moderate in and running my own server. The reason I’m making an article on a Wednesday morning is because the two year anniversary of Jay-Cast is this coming weekend. This article is about my online gaming struggle with satellite internet and boy oh boy is it “fun”…not.

Before I begin, the featured photo is my take on Ruby Rose from RWBY in an online MMORPG called Black Desert Online. Now, back on topic. Having satellite internet and online gaming mix horribly as there is no steady, fast, connection. Sadly, I can only get satellite internet where I live, but the nice part is I can talk to my friends. Gaming on satellite internet makes you feel like it’s dial up as not every game can handle satellite internet. Really, it’s all about how the servers can handle your connection. Can one game handle the connection or can it cause a severely high ping? Not every online game can handle high ping and work well, it’s about how stable a connection is.

My online games to play is rather slim as my connection is the biggest issue. I can only play RWBY Deckbuilding, Black Desert Online, Destiny 2, and Minion Masters. I do often disconnect mid game and it is a struggle as I’ll lose progress. Destiny 2, when disconnecting, makes the game unplayable when I reconnect as it doesn’t load everything in. Black Desert Online is easier to handle as everything loads in fast when I reconnect which is a plus for me. I do hate how I can’t have Spotify running as I online game because Spotify is online as well, I want my Battle Tapes to listen to as I online game. Battle Tapes is my favorite band as of this time, don’t judge my love for the Tapes.

With my online game list being rather small, it’s always hard when I have to decline a friend’s offer to game with them. Luckily, they always understand when I explain why I can’t, but it still is hard for me to decline as I’d love to join my friends in other games. Although, being able to play the games I listed earlier is quite fun to play with friends.

Now, I am happy to have been here for almost two years writing articles about different things related to gaming. “TacTracer, the way it sounds, you are done writing these!” I am not done writing here, just wanting to thank Jstar for allowing me to be a part of this great gaming community, it means a lot to see this group grow over these two years, and am ready to see more years to come. So with that, have a lovely two years Jay-Cast!

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