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I hope that Jay-Cast ends up being the best and most popular community on the internet. It’s got interesting ideas, support from many people, and a lot of hope. I hope this is the community I stick with from now on. -Jstar269, Founder of Jay-Cast (3/26/17)

Jay-Cast is a community focused on bringing everyone together. Jay-Cast is about sending your ideas, your projects, and almost anything you’ve made out to an audience.

At Jay-Cast, our goal is to perfectly connect gamers, game developers, and content creators alike and across the world. Our plan to do this is in development and will always be improved by us and the community. We focus on bringing all gamers together, almost no matter the region, language, how they look, or how they act. We want to be equal with what we do, and we think that as long as you’re up to good, we think you’re acceptable to join our fresh new community.

At Jay-Cast, we have areas for people to make/join groups with forums, we have a live feed for anyone to share their ideas out, and we have a developed area for game developers to send out their project for free. This is only the beginning, as we have a lot that we haven’t even announced yet.

Stay tuned. We’re always listening to Gamers Worldwide.

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    • Garry’s Mod
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