TacTracer #10 – My Interview With A Legend

Hey friends and fans who read my articles.  I have finally reached a major milestone with these articles and that is reaching my tenth article.  I am going to release it very early this week as I am excited to write it and I think this may be the biggest one yet.  This article had been planned in under four days and was quite easy to set up my interview.  You all must be wondering who the legend is, well he is the creator of the Jay-Cast brand and a great friend of mine.  His name is Jstar269 on Steam and he knows how to run this website and a growing group of gamers.  He is a veteran Steam user just like I and he is very smart at managing the group like a business.  I was very lucky to get a few minutes of his time and ask him a few important questions about the brand, myself, and the staff.

TacTracer: First question, where did you come up with the idea to brand Jay-Cast?

Jstar269:¬†Jay-Cast was an idea that I thought of for an earlier community. It was to cast your idea out to Interested gamers who want something similar to what you’re creating. It eventually turned into a standard gaming community for the sake of a growing audience, and had my ideas baked in as a side priority. J-Play shows part of my idea, and I’m still working on implementing the full thing soon.

TacTracer: What are your thoughts on the brand at the moment?

Jstar269:¬†Jay-Cast is a very strong brand at the moment and hasn’t been done similarly in terms of its name. Me and most of the staff have done a lot of effort to keep the name in a good reputation, at least to most of the internet. Giving massive games, building trust with game developers, and having a generally nice staff team really did something good for our brand.

TacTracer: Is there anything that you would want to change to the brand?

Jstar269:¬†Not sure yet, things are going well and I’m kind of glad we don’t have anything like “Giveaway” permanently stuck in our group title, as I’d prefer for us to maintain the idea that we aren’t just a game giveaway group, and that we have ambitious ideas for far beyond that.

TacTracer: Do you have any interests in the brand?

Jstar269: Any interests… Not sure on that question. I have large faith in the brand and I’m very interested where it’s heading into (as long as it’s not infiltrated) so I guess so.

TacTracer: Is there anything you would change overall?

Jstar269:¬†Eh, not really anything I could think of at the moment. That may be changed before this releases but I think Jay-Cast was released and maintained at a very convenient time and had a lot of effort put into it at it’s launch.

TacTracer: Time to change the questions up.  How do you see our friendship?

Jstar269:¬†I see you as a good friend who’s willing to help out the content department of Jay-Cast whenever needed, providing good quality videos and articles.

TacTracer: Is there anything you would want me to improve on in content?

Jstar269: Improve bitrate in live streams, look to providing commentary, and upload videos more often too.

TacTracer: Would you want to change anything in the staff such as activity?

Jstar269:¬†Yes, verify every week what everyone is doing for Jay-Cast. Connect positions with what they’re supposed to do, but also be open to changing positions if they need to. Activity is a must for a successful gaming community and it needs to be maintained.

TacTracer: Do you think administrators are doing their job and if not, what would you change?


Hmm, top-tier admins like yourself I’d agree are doing fine with their positions. Moderators I would partially agree.
 TacTracer: How satisfied are you with the way things are going for staff?
Jstar269:¬†They are going fine for the most part, not perfect but not bad per-say. Just a few things to resolve and I’ll be happy again.
TacTracer: Last question. Do you have anything to share that is upcoming or are you keeping all of that quiet?
Jstar269:¬†Publicly not really but staff, stuff is coming soon. ūüėČ
Well, you heard what the legend said.  He cares about the group and wants to keep everyone excited about giveaways and keep them entertained.  It sounds like staff is going to get some incentives soon but that is TBA.  Hopefully the group stays around for a long time and is better by each year.  I really want to thank Jstar269 for allowing me to be a journalist here and allowing me to interview him.  If you have Steam and are interested in the group, you can click here.  If you are also interested in our Discord server, you can click here.

TacTracer #9 – Fuse Foundation

It has been an interesting two weeks from not doing an article and being on vacation. ¬†This week’s article will be short and it hits close to home as I am part of a fantastic group of people called the Fuse Foundation. ¬†They hold events every year for young adults, like myself, who have neuromuscular diseases like MDC1A. ¬†Once a year, they host a “retreat” or camp that is a 4 day weekend.

Each year there is a different theme and this year’s theme was retro. ¬†I did not have a costume this year but next year, my Tracer cosplay will be used so cheers love, the cavalry’s here(I had to). ¬†I have been going for the last 3 years now and each time is different. ¬†My first year going was odd but familiar faces were there which was great. ¬†Last year was better than the first as I knew everyone, new or returning. ¬†I have started 2 traditions when I am there every year, a guys only roast battle before the dance, and a lip sync battle during open mic night. ¬†Both are quite fun ¬†but the roast can be raunchy if you are not careful because that roast would make any woman run away from the things we say.

I did mention a dance because we like to party like it’s 1999. ¬†It happens during the 3rd night of camp and it is extremely fun because you busta move(Oh the song puns are real) and show off your outfits that you made for the dance. ¬†I improvised this year and went as Doc from Back to the Future(Great Scott) and it worked okay. ¬†Again, it was like cosplay and I had to ¬†tell people who I was which was no surprise at all when you have an improvised outfit.

Open mic night is just as entertaining because you see campers and counselors alike showing off their talents and some are quite funny while others are serious. ¬†This year’s lip sync did not happen as I had forgot to ask the contestants what song they wanted to lip sync. ¬†A friend of mine and I decided to sing(Yes sing, surprising right?) to “Wish I Knew You” by The Revivalists and it was more fun than the battle of lip syncing. ¬†My voice was tired because my body was tired from an incident I will not get into right now but I still sang.

Now some of us at camp have nicknames which can be just for fun or just because you look like a character.  I have a nickname which is Mclovin because I look like the character and well he might be my long lost twin.  Another friend of mine is called DBox because his name is Devin Box and he is extremely fun to hang out with.  Now here are some pics from this year.