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Ah yes, 2018 has officially arrived! It’s time to ring in the new year the one we all should, with each other. It’s a time to become optimistic for what’s to come over the next year. 2018 is sure to be a better year than ever, and I’ll be keeping that optimism for as long as…
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Jstar’s Chronicles #49 – Merry Christmas!

Whatever you celebrate, it’s time to do a little look-back as the calm-before-the-storm occurs next week. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #26 – Most Wonderful Time to be Here

New Android app! Giveaway rapid fire! The holidays are incoming! Game Awards! All happening here! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

TacTracer #16 – All The Free Stuff!

Hi everyone, since the Steam sales are going on and Christmas is this Monday, it might be a good idea to talk about the recent freebies that have/were going on.  Everyone likes a good free game every now and then or am I wrong? No.  I will try and keep this short so that everyone…
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The Jay Post #25 – The 1st Jay-Cast Game Awards

Our 25th issue extravaganza features our first Game Awards, the complete(?) Super Mario Odyssey playlist, new posts, and a tease of what’s to come! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #48 – What’s Up with Net Neutrality?

My 48th issue is special as I personally bring up what’s been happening and how I feel about Net Neutrality. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #47 – My New Subdomain

To get a little closer to you guys, I’d like to unveil what I’ve been working on. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

TacTracer #15 – What Have I Been Up To?

Hi all, this is a small milestone with my articles this week and I actually am writing this on the fly(yes, I say that).  You guys may be wondering what I’ve been up to since my last article.  Well, I will tell you what I’ve been doing. With the holidays coming and going, I’ve been…
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Jstar’s Chronicles #46 – Some Status Updates

Rather than doing the ordinary, I’d like to give some status updates as a focus for this week! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #45 – Loot Crates Aren’t Great

It’s time to bring up the elephant in the room about what EA’s been doing recently with loot crates and micro-transactions, as well as the rest of the gaming industry. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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