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Jstar’s Chronicles #40 – Alexa, Talk About Gaming

Our 40th issue focuses on the recent event of new Amazon Echo hardware, and a massively extended “This Week in Gaming”!

The Jay Post #21 – Tekken is Pecking

Ignoring our horrible post title, we dive into another exciting week of good times and streams galore.

Jstar’s Chronicles #39 – The Switch is DOOMed

My 39th issue talks about the recent status of AAA games for Switch and a little request for help.

The Jay Post #20 – Twitch Affiliated

I’d like to officially announce through our newsletter that we are now Twitch Affiliates! Also, exciting donation-related info, with our Patreon launch!

Jstar’s Chronicles #38 – Experiencing a Hurricane

My 38th issue has me dive into one of the most deadliest hurricanes in history, and the aftermath of it all.

TacTracer #13 – How A Trach Has Helped Me And Other Announcements

It is such a lovely Friday morning and today will mark the fifteen year anniversary of having a tracheotomy.  I really don’t remember the exact date of when I received my trach but I will mark it on the calendar as the 15th of September.  There are other important announcements I will say towards the…
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TacTracer #12 – Reviews Of The Week

Hi all, I am going to start reviewing games for the week because it has been extremely quiet here at Jay-Cast lately except for Jstar269 not being here because of hurricane Irma.  We’ll get to that later but for right now, let’s review some games. First game on the list is Soda Dungeon.  It is…
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TacTracer #11 – Being a Jay Caster

It’s been awhile, I know, but I moved and had been getting settled as it was a busy time for me.  This week, I will be discussing on what it is like working here at Jay-Cast and how successful we are with our content.  You were all probably wondering why I strayed away from the…
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The Jay Post #19 – Affiliated with Ourselves

Our 19th issue will be discussing our progress with live streaming games, and where it may go next.

Jstar’s Chronicles #37 – I Like Gigabit

This issue might be shorter than usual, but much faster in being uploaded. Huh? I’ll explain.

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