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The Jay Post #15 – Let’s Get Competitive

In our 15th Jay-Cast newsletter, I dive into our brand new sponsorship, along with our new eSports division, a new moderator, and some more gameplay!

We’re officially sponsoring Team Vision in the CS:GO Disillusion Cup!

That’s right! We’re having our first ever sponsorship to a video game competitive eSports team! Starring one of our own moderators, We’re sponsoring Team Vision in the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ‘Disillusion Cup’.

Jstar’s Chronicles #32 – #TeamIceCream For Life

In our 32nd issue, I recap my feelings about last night’s Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere for Ice Cream Vs. Cake (and Rock Vs. Pop in Japan)!

TacTracer #7 – Living With A Disability

Hey everyone, this week I will be straying away from the games and talking about what it is like living with a disability.  You may be wondering why I am discussing this.  Last week’s article was shared from the UK for a good reason, that reason was because I talked about adaptive technology for disabled…
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The Jay Post #14 – Snake’s Battlegrounds

Huh? Well, in our newest newsletter, I’ll explain with a few giveaways(!) and some new gameplay videos.

Jstar’s Chronicles #31 – Splatting Once Again

In this issue, I give my take on the recent Splatoon 2 Direct, and the corresponding “free demo” that released with it.

The Jay Post #13 – Why Videos? Well, Just Cause!

In this video, I discuss my journey into Overwatch Competitive, and our recent onslaught of giveaways and new gameplay videos.

TracerNet #5 – What Does A Review Actually Do? And A Surprise Announcement

Hi everyone, before I get to the announcements (yes, 2 announcements), I will be discussing how a game review can be good or bad.  We all know that reviews are important from a customer’s standpoint and when a magazine reviews new games, we never really care.  Why do we not care?  Well, the reason is…
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Jstar’s Chronicles #30 – Staying Steamy

In our whopping 30th issue, I highlight the best deals coming from this year’s Steam Summer Sale, and the latest in gaming news. Let’s begin!

The Jay Post #12 – Resident Evil 7. Yeah.

In this issue, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and supporters including our staff, we’re not holding back with giveaways from this point forward.

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