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Category: Jstar’s Chronicles

Gamers Worldwide.

Jstar’s Chronicles #39 – The Switch is DOOMed

My 39th issue talks about the recent status of AAA games for Switch and a little request for help.

Jstar’s Chronicles #38 – Experiencing a Hurricane

My 38th issue has me dive into one of the most deadliest hurricanes in history, and the aftermath of it all.

Jstar’s Chronicles #37 – I Like Gigabit

This issue might be shorter than usual, but much faster in being uploaded. Huh? I’ll explain.

The Jay Post #18 – Warning, We’re Live

Our 18th Jay-Cast newsletter talks about new moderators, new live streams, and new gameplay. Woot.

Jstar’s Chronicles #36 – Critically Worst for Switch

To “Critically” finish this off, let’s see the bottom of the barrel for the Nintendo Switch, a.k.a. games I don’t own. 😉

Jstar’s Chronicles #35 – Critically Best for Switch

In my 35th issue, I talk about what could be my favorite Nintendo Switch game, as well as what’s as of now the best available.

Jstar’s Chronicles #34 – A Slime-san’s Tale

In this issue, I dive into a “My Take” for Slime-san, unbiased but a really fun game!

Jstar’s Chronicles #33 – The Splatting Journey Begins

It’s finally here; Splatoon 2 is finally here, and while I’m still playing the story mode, its time for “My Take” on Nintendo’s latest shooter.

Jstar’s Chronicles #32 – #TeamIceCream For Life

In our 32nd issue, I recap my feelings about last night’s Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere for Ice Cream Vs. Cake (and Rock Vs. Pop in Japan)!

Jstar’s Chronicles #31 – Splatting Once Again

In this issue, I give my take on the recent Splatoon 2 Direct, and the corresponding “free demo” that released with it.