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Category: Jstar’s Chronicles

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Jstar’s Chronicles #30 – Staying Steamy

In our whopping 30th issue, I highlight the best deals coming from this year’s Steam Summer Sale, and the latest in gaming news. Let’s begin!

Jstar’s Chronicles #29 – One Steamy Summer

For my 29th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, I’ll be talking about My Take on the Steam Summer Sale for 2017.

Jstar’s Chronicles #28 – The Gamers Won E3 2017

In my 28th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles, I dive into recapping E3 2017, and how I felt about everyone’s conference/event.

Jstar’s Chronicles #27 – Predicting E3 2017

In this week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, I dive into my final look at what to expect at E3 2017, which technically begins tomorrow!

Jstar’s Chronicles #26 – ARMed Up Again

In this issue, I go back and take another look at the ARMS Global Testpunch when it’s docked, and some more gameplay!

Jstar’s Chronicles #25 – Up in ARMS

For our 25th issue, I dive into the recent arrival of the ARMS Global Testpunch, and how I felt about it (undocked, at least).

Jstar’s Chronicles #24 – Directly ARMed

In this issue, we dive into the recent ARMS Direct from Nintendo.

Jstar’s Chronicles #23 – Karting with Emulation

In our 23rd issue, I do a “My Take” on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, along with a fresh reaction to the Dolphin emulator on the LG V20.

Jstar’s Chronicles #22 – This Year’s Successes, Opinionated

In my 22nd issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, as we approach E3 even more-so, I bring in my opinion for what’s really going to make this year great in terms of video games, and only video games.

Jstar’s Chronicles #21 – E3’s On The Horizon

In this issue, I dive in what games will be really interesting to get hyped and excited for at this year’s E3 Conferences.