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Category: Jstar’s Chronicles

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Jstar’s Chronicles #9 – Hello-bye, Wii U

Welcome to another issue of Jstar’s Chronicles! In this issue, we go all out with the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U, along with an experiment of mine.

Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

Welcome to our 8th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, where we dive into more official “My Takes” to add up more official content!

Jstar’s Chronicles #7 – Revising My Switch Feelings

In our 7th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles, I revised my take on the Nintendo Switch as-is, and I talk about the LG V20, as well as my reason on why this was delayed by a day.

Jstar’s Chronicles #6 – Switch Up Opinions

In our 6th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles, we go over my feelings on the Nintendo Switch event last night, along with my take on the Amazon Echo.

Jstar’s Chronicles #5 – Switching up Hype

Welcome to the 5th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles! This week, we’ll be talking about my predictions on what the Nintendo Switch will provide at their big upcoming January event in Japan. We’ll also go over Nvidia’s recent conference at CES 2017.

Jstar’s Chronicles #4 – 2017 Should Be Good

Welcome back to the 4th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles! This week, we’ll be checking out what to get hyped up for in 2017 (considering we’re so close), as well as my take on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Please note that some things like images aren’t loading up properly and should be fixed by tomorrow.

North Star Chronicles #3: RiiConnect24, Winter Sales and Favorite 2016 Game

The latest Steam Sale is on, some information about RiiConnect24, and what I consider my favorite game of 2016.

Jstar’s Chronicles #2 – Overclock Your… Monitor?

Time to take a look at what “overclockaholics” forget to check out.

Jstar’s Chronicles #1: HENkaku Made the PS Vita Great Again

In this editorial, I discuss how HENkaku, a Homebrew exploit, brought back the PS Vita into great shape.