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Nintendo Today – 12/15/16

Super Mario Run, Excitebots, and Picross!

Nintendo Today – 11/24/16

Majora’s Mask, new Dragon Ball, and Breath of Fire II.

Nintendo Today – 11/17/16

This week, expect new Pokemon, Wario Land, and Excitebike.

Nintendo Today – 11/10/16

Harvest Moon, Rhythm Heaven, Cartoon Network, and more.

Nintendo Today – 9/15/16

Dragon Quest VII, WarioWare, and a whole lot of indie.

Nintendo Today – 9/8/16

Letter Quest, Mario Strikers Charged, Phoenix Wright, and Castlevania!

Nintendo Today – 9/1/16

Skyward Sword, Axiom Verge, Picross, and more.

Nintendo Today – 8/25/16

Street Fighter, Legend of Kusakari, Mario VC, and more.

Nintendo Today – 8/18/16

Federation Force, Pokemon Ranger, and a whole lot of indie downloads.

Nintendo Today – 8/11/16

Mega Man X! Tadpole Treble! Mario Sports Mix!

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