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Category: Nintendo Today

Gamers Worldwide.

Nintendo Today – 5/26/16

This week? StarTropics, Futuridium, and Epic Word Searches!

Nintendo Today – 5/19/16

This week comes with Minecraft DLC, PokePark, and PixelJunk Monsters HD.

Nintendo Today – 5/12/16

Super Meat Boy, Phantom Hourglass, Disney and more!

Nintendo Today – 5/5/16

This week? Punch-Out, Fates, and a lot of Wii U stuff!

Nintendo Today – 4/28/16

Mini Mario, Deer God, Xenoblade and more!

Nintendo Today – 4/21/16

New Star Fox, Mario Party DS, Pinball, and more!

Nintendo Today – 4/14/16

Today, look out for several new Wii U games and a beta!

Nintendo Today – 4/7/16

This week, get ready for Game & Watch & Stuff!

Nintendo Today: 3/10/16

Fire Emblem Fates and Rhapsody, as well as a whole lot more this week.

Nintendo Today: 3/3/16

Pac-Man 2, Twilight Princess HD, and other stuff!