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TacTracer #21 – A Grimm Eclipse

Hello, everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season.  With what’s been going on for my holidays, I’ve not wrote a review as I’ve been playing games to write a review.  If you’re wondering what the title means, I hope you have heard of RWBY.  I’ll be talking about the game, RWBY: Grimm…
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TacTracer #20 – Shadow Wisecracking Warrior 2

Hello, fellow Jay Casters, it’s been awhile, I know.  “TacTracer, why are you always writing less?”  It might be because I get busy elsewhere with life, sorry everyone.  Anyway, this week is a massive milestone for the TacTracer article series as this is the twentieth issue.  Can’t believe it’s survived this long but, it’s all…
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TacTracer #19 – No Man’s Lie?

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a crazy few months for me but, I’m back with one interesting review…No Man’s Sky.  “But, TacTracer, No Man’s Sky is trash, the developers lied, and we hate it.”  Yes, I will admit Hello Games lied but, no one gave the game a chance.  Gamers would buy the game, idle…
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TacTracer #17 – Returning to STEM…AGAIN!

A couple weeks ago, I had written a lengthy review of The Evil Within 2 but, it was accidentally removed  from our site when we had a server migration.  This time, I will rewrite it for you guys with more information, and some spoilers will be included.  The review will have some things be mentioned…
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TacTracer #12 – Reviews Of The Week

Hi all, I am going to start reviewing games for the week because it has been extremely quiet here at Jay-Cast lately except for Jstar269 not being here because of hurricane Irma.  We’ll get to that later but for right now, let’s review some games. First game on the list is Soda Dungeon.  It is…
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Fallout 4 Review (In Progress)

Well peeps the first part of my Fallout 4 impressions is ready so stay tuned for more installments as I spend more hours in this game. It is mainly spoiler free.

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