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TacTracer #10 – My Interview With A Legend

Hey friends and fans who read my articles.  I have finally reached a major milestone with these articles and that is reaching my tenth article.  I am going to release it very early this week as I am excited to write it and I think this may be the biggest one yet.  This article had…
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TacTracer #9 – Fuse Foundation

It has been an interesting two weeks from not doing an article and being on vacation.  This week’s article will be short and it hits close to home as I am part of a fantastic group of people called the Fuse Foundation.  They hold events every year for young adults, like myself, who have neuromuscular…
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TacTracer #8 – What Cosplay Is Like

Hey everyone, I had skipped last week because I had no idea what to discuss but this week I will have a fun topic to dive into.  I’m going to talk about cosplay and what it is like and how dedicated the cosplay community is like to making great outfits. Cosplay is like Halloween but…
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TacTracer #7 – Living With A Disability

Hey everyone, this week I will be straying away from the games and talking about what it is like living with a disability.  You may be wondering why I am discussing this.  Last week’s article was shared from the UK for a good reason, that reason was because I talked about adaptive technology for disabled…
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TracerNet #5 – What Does A Review Actually Do? And A Surprise Announcement

Hi everyone, before I get to the announcements (yes, 2 announcements), I will be discussing how a game review can be good or bad.  We all know that reviews are important from a customer’s standpoint and when a magazine reviews new games, we never really care.  Why do we not care?  Well, the reason is…
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TracerNet #4 – Gaming With Music

Your friendly neighborhood Tracer here with an article a day early as I have been very busy with work lately.  After this week’s article, I will go back to my normal weekly schedule.  This week is more fact than fiction as I discuss how music can improve a gamer’s senses. The old saying of how…
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TracerNet #3 – The Gaming Platform Debate

Hiya, it’s your friendly neighborhood Tracer here with the debate I had this past week between a console and PC. Me: Hello PC and console of olden days, I hope you two are comfortable. PC: Call me Sexy Dark Tardis and refer to the console as the Coffee Table. Me: Wow, you’re quite, um, mean…
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TracerNet #2 – Being a PC Gamer (Part 2 Of Being A Disabled Gamer)

Hi everyone, I received lots of feedback on last week’s article which was very helpful.  There was something that I had not discussed in the article, that was PC gaming.  So this week I will finish up this (now 2 part) story of being a disabled on PC. Let’s go back a few years to…
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TracerNet #1 – Being a Disabled Gamer

Hi everybody, I’m Tracer and I am writing this new weekly article series called TracerNet.  My first weekly article will be about being a disabled gamer and how games affect my life.  When I first started gaming, I was 3 years old playing on the Nintendo 64.  My disability had not worsened until I was 6…
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