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Category: The Weekly Dracus

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The Weekly Dracus #13: High-Performance Mid-Range Gaming Build V1

Another build for you people. Right here, right now. This time we focus on a mid-range to high-end gaming PC, for a quite affordable price and a great bang for your buck. Read on for parts, and analysis.

The Weekly Dracus #12: Budget Gaming Build V1

Hey guys! So I was chatting around with some friends the other day, when the discussion shifted to how one of them had bought so many games on the last Steam sale, however they did not have the proper PC to play most of them – and they were not too keen on saving too…
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The Weekly Dracus #11: AMD Ryzen, GTX 1080Ti speculation

Hello, everyone! Welcome to yet another issue of The Weekly Dracus! Today we’ll be discussing some hot recently trending topics for the gaming world: the AMD Ryzen CPUs and the leaked specs of the upcoming GTX 1080Ti Pascal-based enthusiast grade GPU! We’ll also do some gut-feeling speculation on when we will be seeing 2160p gaming…
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The Weekly Dracus #10: Why I like Dark Souls 3 so much

Hello, peeps. Take a wild guess why this popped up in your screen again… Correct! It’s that day of the week – time for The Weekly Dracus! I’m so hyped. Especially because in this issue, I’ll be discussing a matter of great interest to me: Dark Souls 3

The Weekly Dracus #9: Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City – The end of a series

In this small issue of The Weekly Dracus, we’ll be taking a quick look at “The Ringed City” DLC for Dark Souls 3. WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead.

The Weekly Dracus #8: Dark Souls Life Lessons

Hello, everyone. How’s your Sunday been so far? As you all may know, I may or may not have a thing for Dark Souls (it’s an amazing series to be honest). In this issue of TWD, I’ll be discussing a rather unusual subject: Life lessons one may learn from playing Dark Souls. Let’s get to…
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The Weekly Dracus #7: Share screenshots and screencasts!

Simple, quick, and useful post this time: How to create and share screenshots and screen recordings!

The Weekly Dracus #6: Some more game hype for 2017

Hey, peeps! How’re things going for ya? 2017 has had a “meh” to “not to bad” start, in my opinion. Lots of cold here, for example (very windy). Well we’re not here to freeze to death. (this was the ice-breaker line… ahem) Instead, we’re going to check out some more 2017 game madness. So come…
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The Weekly Dracus #5: Recapping 2016, Anticipating 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Holy cow, what a year it has been. A lot of stuff happened in 2016 for gaming. Perhaps not as much as in 2015, but still – it was quite a lot. It’s time to recap 2016, and time for a gaze into the future…

The Weekly Dracus #4: Merry Christmas, Hot Deals, Dracus’ Fave Game

HO HO HO to gamers all around the world! Tis a time of celebration today, of love and gifts! From everyone, to everyone! And, naturally, from Steam as well.