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Donate to Jstar269 and Jay-Cast! Support the developer and staff team that has put has heart and soul into making sure you get a fantastic experience when using Jay-Cast’s website and overall services.

Jstar269’s Bitcoin Address: 1EK98fgVe73AHJQJvTg2D8E34CH33BxnEo

Please send us a proof of donation, and every 10 cents worth of Bitcoin sent will get you 1 point. You’ll also get a Badge of our thanks, and it levels up as more of donation goes through. It’s the least we can do, at least for now.

If you want, you’ll also be able to join our future “List of Glorious Donators”, where your username will be attached with how much you’ve donated to Jstar269 and Jay-Cast. Once we get a donator, it’ll be posted right underneath this area of text.

List of Glorious Donators (As of July 3rd, 2017):

  • Skalinger – $71.59 in Bitcoin, used SwagBucks affiliate (June 18th, 2017)

Affiliate Links:


By buying HawkHost’s services using the link above, we receive 25% of the final cost. This money goes directly into making sure we can keep our web hosting up and running.


By using our Refer link with SwagBucks, 10% of SwagBucks that you make will also go to Jay-Cast for web hosting, website enhancements, games to play and check out and games to giveaway. You will still receive 100% of your own SwagBucks.

Tremor Games

By using Tremor Games through our Refer link, we receive 10-20% of whatever you get through offers found on Tremor Games. You would still get 100% of your own Tremor Coins.

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