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The Weekly Dracus #6: Some more game hype for 2017

Hey, peeps! How’re things going for ya? 2017 has had a “meh” to “not to bad” start, in my opinion. Lots of cold here, for example (very windy). Well we’re not here to freeze to death. (this was the ice-breaker line… ahem) Instead, we’re going to check out some more 2017 game madness. So come…
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The Weekly Dracus #3: Game Deal Websites that may Save your Holidays

HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, OMG! It’s that time of the year! People are embracing and spreading love and kisses to friends and the world, and every corner radiates with the putrid aroma of holiday season madness! Except for us basement dwellers, who have already made our wallets spread their legs for the Holiday Sales to come.…
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