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Tag: gaming news

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Jstar’s Chronicles #24 – Directly ARMed

In this issue, we dive into the recent ARMS Direct from Nintendo.

Jstar’s Chronicles #22 – This Year’s Successes, Opinionated

In my 22nd issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, as we approach E3 even more-so, I bring in my opinion for what’s really going to make this year great in terms of video games, and only video games.

Jstar’s Chronicles #20 – Recapping The Switch’s Future

In this issue, considering it’s been a slow week, I recap what’s coming both short and long-term with the Nintendo Switch.

Jstar’s Chronicles #16 – A Quick Rundown

In this week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we speed through some things due to some upcoming migration, as well as some more news and some fresh videos.