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New Giveaways: Win Darkest Dungeon and Cuphead!

New Giveaways are here! Get a chance to win Darkest Dungeon and/or Cuphead below!

The Jay Post #20 – Twitch Affiliated

I’d like to officially announce through our newsletter that we are now Twitch Affiliates! Also, exciting donation-related info, with our Patreon launch!

The Jay Post #19 – Affiliated with Ourselves

Our 19th issue will be discussing our progress with live streaming games, and where it may go next.

The Jay Post #15 – Let’s Get Competitive

In our 15th Jay-Cast newsletter, I dive into our brand new sponsorship, along with our new eSports division, a new moderator, and some more gameplay!

The Jay Post #14 – Snake’s Battlegrounds

Huh? Well, in our newest newsletter, I’ll explain with a few giveaways(!) and some new gameplay videos.

The Jay Post #13 – Why Videos? Well, Just Cause!

In this video, I discuss my journey into Overwatch Competitive, and our recent onslaught of giveaways and new gameplay videos.

The Jay Post #12 – Resident Evil 7. Yeah.

In this issue, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and supporters including our staff, we’re not holding back with giveaways from this point forward.

The Jay Post #11 – Website Update Phase 1

In this newsletter, we feature, publish, and talk about our latest website update.

The Jay Post #10 – The Next Website Update

In our 10th issue, it’s time to reconsider the purpose and goals of the website, and we’re starting it with our first big update.

The Jay Post #9 – Hiya, TracerNet

In our 9th newsletter (with a new name), we dive into even more content, a new weekly article, and a giveaway reminder.