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New Giveaways: Win DOOM (2016) and Fallout 4!

New Giveaways are here! Get a chance to win DOOM 2016 and/or Fallout 4 below!

The Jay Post #26 – Most Wonderful Time to be Here

New Android app! Giveaway rapid fire! The holidays are incoming! Game Awards! All happening here!

The Jay Post #24 – Some Recorded Adventures

While not a long issue this time around, it is something to explain for our weekly issue, as well as highlight our recently recorded adventures.

The Jay Post #23 – More Content For You

Our long-awaited 23rd issue of The Jay Post goes back to its roots with what everyone wants.

The Jay Post #18 – Warning, We’re Live

Our 18th Jay-Cast newsletter talks about new moderators, new live streams, and new gameplay. Woot.

The Jay Post #17 – As We Hit 3,600

Another milestone, another chance to get DOOMed, as well as why we haven’t posted recently, and our new Twitch Server!

The Jay Post #16 – Join the Splatoon… 2

For our 16th newsletter, we dive into new videos (featuring Splatoon 2), giveaways, and a status update on our eSport efforts.

Jay-Cast News #8 – Skalinger, the Officer

In this issue, I’ll be discussing our first induction of Officers for Jay-Cast, which was Skalinger! Also, new Jay-Cast videos and our very own Discord Bot.

Jay-Cast News #4 – Members Rolling In

In our 4th issue, we discuss how amazed we are with the members and moderators rolling in.

Jay-Cast News #3 – Giveaways Extravaganza

In this newsletter, I bring up our new onslaught of giveaways, as well as today’s new gameplay videos (all 4 of them).