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Jstar’s Chronicles #22 – This Year’s Successes, Opinionated

In my 22nd issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, as we approach E3 even more-so, I bring in my opinion for what’s really going to make this year great in terms of video games, and only video games.

Jstar’s Chronicles #11 – Switch Launch Hype

In our 11th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we dive into games we’re excited to see for Nintendo Switch, as well as a another video game “My Take”.

Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

Welcome to our 8th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, where we dive into more official “My Takes” to add up more official content!

Jstar’s Chronicles #6 – Switch Up Opinions

In our 6th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles, we go over my feelings on the Nintendo Switch event last night, along with my take on the Amazon Echo.

The Weekly Dracus #6: Some more game hype for 2017

Hey, peeps! How’re things going for ya? 2017 has had a “meh” to “not to bad” start, in my opinion. Lots of cold here, for example (very windy). Well we’re not here to freeze to death. (this was the ice-breaker line… ahem) Instead, we’re going to check out some more 2017 game madness. So come…
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