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Get a closer look at our in-house game, Tano’s Fate, this Friday!

It’s been a few months since our last trip into the world of Tano’s Fate…. but it’s definitely time for another look at what we’ve been working on! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #38 – Experiencing a Hurricane

My 38th issue has me dive into one of the most deadliest hurricanes in history, and the aftermath of it all. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #18 – Warning, We’re Live

Our 18th Jay-Cast newsletter talks about new moderators, new live streams, and new gameplay. Woot. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #32 – #TeamIceCream For Life

In our 32nd issue, I recap my feelings about last night’s Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere for Ice Cream Vs. Cake (and Rock Vs. Pop in Japan)! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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