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Jstar’s Chronicles #41 – Another Extended Look

In this issue, I’ll be doing another extended look at the past week in gaming.

Jstar’s Chronicles #39 – The Switch is DOOMed

My 39th issue talks about the recent status of AAA games for Switch and a little request for help.

Jstar’s Chronicles #35 – Critically Best for Switch

In my 35th issue, I talk about what could be my favorite Nintendo Switch game, as well as what’s as of now the best available.

Jstar’s Chronicles #21 – E3’s On The Horizon

In this issue, I dive in what games will be really interesting to get hyped and excited for at this year’s E3 Conferences.

Jstar’s Chronicles #20 – Recapping The Switch’s Future

In this issue, considering it’s been a slow week, I recap what’s coming both short and long-term with the Nintendo Switch.

Jstar’s Chronicles #19 – In ARMS Reach

In our 19th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, I talk about My Take on the latest Nintendo Direct (both typed and visually), as well as some fresh gaming news highlighted from the past week.

Jstar’s Chronicles #15 – X1’s Not All Bad

In this issue, I rant a little on how the Nintendo Switch uses the Tegra X1 processor, but also show that it isn’t that bad considering Nintendo’s options.

Jstar’s Chronicles #13 – The Switch, Reviewed

It’s officially our first issue of Jstar’s Chronicles after the launch of the Nintendo Switch! Let’s take our closest look yet at Nintendo’s newest platform, now available for everyone.

Jstar’s Chronicles #11 – Switch Launch Hype

In our 11th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we dive into games we’re excited to see for Nintendo Switch, as well as a another video game “My Take”.

Jstar’s Chronicles #7 – Revising My Switch Feelings

In our 7th edition of Jstar’s Chronicles, I revised my take on the Nintendo Switch as-is, and I talk about the LG V20, as well as my reason on why this was delayed by a day.