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Jstar’s Chronicles #44 – An Interesting Week in Gaming

Yet another extended look at the past week in gaming for our 44th issue of my chronicles, as well as some recent gameplay videos I did of Super Mario Odyssey!

The Jay Post #12 – Resident Evil 7. Yeah.

In this issue, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and supporters including our staff, we’re not holding back with giveaways from this point forward.

Jay-Cast News #8 – Skalinger, the Officer

In this issue, I’ll be discussing our first induction of Officers for Jay-Cast, which was Skalinger! Also, new Jay-Cast videos and our very own Discord Bot.

Jstar’s Chronicles #21 – E3’s On The Horizon

In this issue, I dive in what games will be really interesting to get hyped and excited for at this year’s E3 Conferences.

Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

Welcome to our 8th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, where we dive into more official “My Takes” to add up more official content!

North Star Chronicles #3: RiiConnect24, Winter Sales and Favorite 2016 Game

The latest Steam Sale is on, some information about RiiConnect24, and what I consider my favorite game of 2016.

PlayStation Today – 5/24/16

This week comes with Overwatch, TMNT, and Downwell.