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Jstar’s Chronicles #44 – An Interesting Week in Gaming

Yet another extended look at the past week in gaming for our 44th issue of my chronicles, as well as some recent gameplay videos I did of Super Mario Odyssey! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #12 – Resident Evil 7. Yeah.

In this issue, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, and supporters including our staff, we’re not holding back with giveaways from this point forward. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jay-Cast News #8 – Skalinger, the Officer

In this issue, I’ll be discussing our first induction of Officers for Jay-Cast, which was Skalinger! Also, new Jay-Cast videos and our very own Discord Bot. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #21 – E3’s On The Horizon

In this issue, I dive in what games will be really interesting to get hyped and excited for at this year’s E3 Conferences. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #8 – Square-Enix’s Avengers Assemble

Welcome to our 8th issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, where we dive into more official “My Takes” to add up more official content! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

North Star Chronicles #3: RiiConnect24, Winter Sales and Favorite 2016 Game

The latest Steam Sale is on, some information about RiiConnect24, and what I consider my favorite game of 2016. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

PlayStation Today – 5/24/16

This week comes with Overwatch, TMNT, and Downwell. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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