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Jstar’s Chronicles #34 – A Slime-san’s Tale

In this issue, I dive into a “My Take” for Slime-san, unbiased but a really fun game! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #33 – The Splatting Journey Begins

It’s finally here; Splatoon 2 is finally here, and while I’m still playing the story mode, its time for “My Take” on Nintendo’s latest shooter. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #13 – The Switch, Reviewed

It’s officially our first issue of Jstar’s Chronicles after the launch of the Nintendo Switch! Let’s take our closest look yet at Nintendo’s newest platform, now available for everyone. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Fallout 4 Review (In Progress)

Well peeps the first part of my Fallout 4 impressions is ready so stay tuned for more installments as I spend more hours in this game. It is mainly spoiler free. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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