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The Jay Post #25 – The 1st Jay-Cast Game Awards

Our 25th issue extravaganza features our first Game Awards, the complete(?) Super Mario Odyssey playlist, new posts, and a tease of what’s to come! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #47 – My New Subdomain

To get a little closer to you guys, I’d like to unveil what I’ve been working on. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #46 – Some Status Updates

Rather than doing the ordinary, I’d like to give some status updates as a focus for this week! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #24 – Some Recorded Adventures

While not a long issue this time around, it is something to explain for our weekly issue, as well as highlight our recently recorded adventures. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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