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Jstar’s Chronicles #46 – Some Status Updates

Rather than doing the ordinary, I’d like to give some status updates as a focus for this week! Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #23 – More Content For You

Our long-awaited 23rd issue of The Jay Post goes back to its roots with what everyone wants. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

The Jay Post #16 – Join the Splatoon… 2

For our 16th newsletter, we dive into new videos (featuring Splatoon 2), giveaways, and a status update on our eSport efforts. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jay-Cast News #3 – Giveaways Extravaganza

In this newsletter, I bring up our new onslaught of giveaways, as well as today’s new gameplay videos (all 4 of them). Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Jstar’s Chronicles #16 – A Quick Rundown

In this week’s issue of Jstar’s Chronicles, we speed through some things due to some upcoming migration, as well as some more news and some fresh videos. Advertise with Anonymous Ads

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