Imagine a game that offers you the same strategic options as Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander, but at the same time has massively multiplayer qualities so that you can drop-in/out of the action anytime you want. A game where you are the eXecutive leader.

With large numbers of players fighting in massive long-lasting battles, our aim is to make RTS appeal to a larger audience. The die-hard strategy player who wants serious gameplay and the Counter-Strike noob looking for some quick action are both equally welcome.

Join a community that supports instant login – no registration required – where you can be completely anonymous. Play with several hundred types of mechs and other craft on gigabytes worth of battle landscapes against human and optional AI teams.

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat cheap looking graphics. To the best of our knowledge, eXecutive is able to sustain the largest battles of any RTS on the market, and the simple graphics is not a defect, but rather a requirement to make it all work.

The game is very compact in size and uses the latest cloud technology to stream all the goodies to you in real-time. Extreme care has been taken to make it vandal-proof and eliminate the need for moderation! We hope you will enjoy it.

Developer: MMO Alliance

Version: Coming soon.
Platform(s): Windows
Release Date: To be announced.
Price: Free
Engine: To be announced.

Website: http://x-ecutive.com/ (In Development)

Vote on Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706035866

Downloads are coming soon.


Coming soon.


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