Hack away at endless enemy hordes in Obslashin’, the compulsive combat clicker! Slash through bosses, crash through barrels, and loot everything you can as you delve into the deepest dungeons. Upgrade your arsenal and level-up to make it further than any hero before!


• Compulsive Combat – Fast, fresh, and incredibly satisfying. Watch the kill-count mount as you tear through millions of mobs.

• Endless Gameplay – Every level promises more danger…and better rewards. See how deep you can go and how much you can discover!

• Boss Battles – Prepare your hero for some truly harrowing, old-school boss-battles, each with their own deadly special abilities.

• Spells & Items – You don’t have to rely on your sword, alone. Blast away enemies with bombs, or use any number of awesome spells to sway the battle in your favor.

• Upgrades – Level-up your hero and use your horde of gold to deck out your arsenal!

• Achievements – Coming Soon!

Developer: Hashbang Games

Version: 1.0
Platforms: Android/iOS
Release Date: November 17th, 2014
Price: Free
Engine: Unity

Download On:

Android (Google Play Store)


  • Swipe – Attack enemies


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