Ultra Hard Planet

Ultra Hard Planet

The goal is simple. Just get any of your players to the flag without dying. Sounds easy, right? You just have to avoid everything that is coming at you. That shouldn’t be a problem.

This game is meant to test how good you can be with two different players trying to get to the other level, which will (usually) have more difficulty. Unless you have another physical player with you, in that case it might make things even more fun. Maybe. Possibly.

Join Green and Blue as they go through over 15 levels filled with intensity and difficulty you almost wouldn’t believe. Prepare to rage at a shockingly quick record time.

Developer: Jstar269 / Jay-Cast Studios

Version: 0.5
Platform(s): Windows
Release Date: August 23rd, 2014 (Last Updated: November 5th, 2016)
Price: Free to Play
Engine: Game Maker: Studio

Jay-Cast Member Exclusive:

Download Here (v0.5)


  • Green (Player 1): Up Arrow/Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Jump/Move Left/Move Right
  • Blue (Player 2): W/A/D – Jump/Move Left/Move Right
  • Space Bar – Both Players Jump
  • Escape – Pause Menu (While Playing)
  • F2 – Take Screenshot (While Playing)

Screenshots (based on v0.4):

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