Slymes is a 3D multiplayer arena cell-game. It is inspired by games like and Osmos, but with a focus on exploring a plethora of unique maps and interacting with the world around you. As a Slyme, you must absorb small blobs to grow massive enough to trample your insignificant but oh-so-tasty opponents. You do lose a bit of speed with size, but you make up for it with the ability to snowball into an uncontrollable beast. Team up with your friends to take down the king of the server, shoot map hazards to your foes, chase down your puny foes, and explore every nook and cranny of the environment. You can do it all in Slymes!

You can play in the Classic mode, where you simply have to grow the biggest and climb the server leaderboard. If that doesn’t suit you, worry not! Slymes comes with many other, different game modes. Work as a team to achieve victory over the enemy in Team Deathmatch, or go wild and perform (usually) impossible feats with your friends in Party Mode. You can also deck out your Slyme with various unlockable skins, hats, and trails, which you earn just by proving your worth in the battlefield and gaining experience in blob-to-blob combat.

Developer: WolfTech Games

Version: TBA
Platforms: Windows
Release Date: November 25th, 2016 (Steam)
Price: $4.99
Engine: Unity3D


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