The Mage Guard

The Mage Guard

The Mage Guard is a VR game where you play as a Mage defending the last grimoire of your order.  Defend endless waves of enemies.  Learn new spells from the grimoire as you gain experience.  Cast your spells using gesture motion.


  • VR Enabled
  • Learn new spells
  • Cast spells using Gesture Motions
  • Multiplayer – Play against your friends
  • Play as multiple characters,  DPS Mage,  Mage Healer,  Mage Tank
  • Single Player Story Mode

Developer: Hashbang Games

Version: To be released.
Platforms: Windows (VR)
Release Date: April 2017
Price: To be released.
Engine: Unity


Downloads are coming soon.


  • Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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